Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Pray for Healing of your Soul


I am going to show you how I receive healing in my soul for any traumatic memory which the Holy Spirit brings to my attention.  Remember, we are trusting the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so we are not digging into our past to find issues. The Lord knows exactly where we need healing and I simply write down anything that He shines His light on, bringing it before the Lord, one by one. 

Remember to pay attention to your dreams, because God speaks volumes in our dreams.

(You can download a Chart here to pray for the healing of your soul and body for every separate situation that the Lord brings to mind). Print it out and keep it handy to journal in two-way communication with the Lord.

     1.  Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, putting on some soft worship music and focus your mind on the Lord in worship, thanking Him for being your Healer, Restorer and Deliverer. Thank Him for the power of His blood that is going to heal you and set you free.
            Bring the situation that Holy Spirit highlighted before the Lord, asking Him to heal your soul wounds, your memory and your bodily ailments and to deliver you from all oppression in the spirit realm.
         2.  Going back into the scene of the trauma.  (Traumatic events leave detailed pictures in our memory).  Know that Jesus is always with you, asking the Lord to show you where He was in the scene at the time.  Look to see what He is doing and listen to what He is saying as you view the scene.

I prayed for a young lady who suffered great anxiety and paranoia after walking into her mother’s bedroom at the exact moment when a burglar stepped through the window. She was terrified and her screams brought her father and husband on the scene which caused the burglar to flee.
As she looked to see where Jesus was in the scene, she saw Him standing between her and the burglar, shielding her.  When the burglar fled, He held her and comforted her, assuring her that He is always with her and that she needn’t be afraid. She was completely set free of fear just by seeing what Jesus was doing, receiving the picture of truth that replaced the lie of fear and receiving His Word of peace and assurance that He is with her.

       3. As you relive the scene, let the love and forgiveness of Jesus flow through you to those who wounded you in any way. Choose to forgive them by name for what they have done to you and said to you. Also name your reproaches against them and release them one by one.

Forgiveness and repentance are your keys to freedom!

If you have sinned against the Lord, ask Him to forgive you and then forgive yourself, because He died for you and paid for all your sin with His precious blood.

Tell the Lord how you felt (all the negative emotions) and repent of any sinful actions or responses, asking the Lord to forgive you.

Apply the Blood of Jesus to the sin committed against you and any sin you have committed, together with unrighteous reactions, attitudes and words.

Release the people involved (including yourself), choosing not to remember the sin anymore (because God remembers your sin no more). Trust God that His Word is true and that He forgave you as you have forgiven all those who trespassed against you. He also cleansed you from all unrighteousness.

Now choose to bless all people involved in your hurt, releasing them fully.

   4.   Ask the Lord, the Sun of Righteousness to shine upon you.
         Ask Him to spread His healing wings over your soul and body 
         reviving you with His dunamis (resurrection power).
Look into His glory light and see that all darkness has left you.

Put your hand on your head,

I repent of any sinful things I have looked at and negative and sinful thoughts that I have entertained or sinful pictures I have imagined.
I apply the blood of Jesus onto the gates of my mind. 

I ask the Lord to wash your memory, imagination, consciousness and sub-conscious mind, intellect and understanding with His precious blood, removing all the negative effects of trauma.

DECLARE: I declare that every gate in my mind, will and emotions is opened up for the King of Glory to come in, flooding me with His light.
I am delivered and set free from all effects of my sin, the sins of others and those of my forefathers that have blocked the gates of my soul to receive the light of God’s glory.

I declare that my mind is set on the new picture that the Lord has given me of what He has done in this situation.
I declare that my emotions are set free from all oppression regarding this event and that my will is set on doing His will, performing His Word


Bind every demonic attachment through negative emotions like
rejection (spirit of fear), bitterness (spirit of bondage), anger
(spirit of jealousy), depression (spirit of heaviness), sickness
or disease (spirit of infirmity), etc.  
Command every evil spirit to leave you in the name of Jesus

“Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.”
James 4:7

You might experience deep sighs, burps or yawns as these spirits are leaving.  Keep breathing deeply until your whole being is experiencing God’s peace.  You might feel laughter welling up in you as you are delivered of the oppression of all the trauma and you will feel light and relieved.

      6.  Now affirm your freedom and choose to keep the new
           picture of wholeness before your eyes and in your mouth.
           Refuse to look at the old picture again, taking every thought 
           captive in obedience to Christ.

           GRACE, rising up in the resurrection power of the Holy Ghost, 
           asking Him to fill you with His Presence.

      8.  DECLARE that your soul is healed of all trauma and that 
           you walk in the light of God’s glory.


           Removing Stress from the Adrenal Gland, Receiving
           Healing on Cellular level.  
          Command the chemical balances in your cells and the
          electrical frequencies to come in divine alignment.

Ask the Lord to remove all stress regarding the trauma from your adrenal gland, as well as resulting toxins in your body, by the blood of Jesus. 

Now lay your hand on any body part where there is pain or discomfort, trusting the Lord to heal and restore you on the cellular level.
Keep watching and listening to what Jesus is doing and saying.
Pray into what He is revealing to you through pictures or spontaneous thoughts coming to you.

Many years ago the Lord revealed to me through a Word of Knowledge that a curse of bitterness was the cause of a torn cartilage in my knee. After I have forgiven the person and breaking the curse in the name of Jesus, I received a miracle when God’s power went through my whole left side like electricity.
After that it seemed like people with knee problems were drawn to me and in many cases, as I broke the curse of bitterness over them, asking them to forgive anyone who has spoken curses over them, they were healed. Sometimes the cause was anger or resentment, etc.

You will find more Healing Declarations here.

It is important to turn your back on the past, choosing to remember it no more. 

If a thought about this particular trauma should come up again, accompanying negative emotions, simply praise the Lord for having set you free and washed you with the blood.  

Sometimes forgiveness has not worked through thoroughly. In that case work through the trauma again on a deeper level in the area where there is still turbulence. Be persistent and determined to press in for total freedom.


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