Friday, January 19, 2018

Wholeness of Spirit, Soul and Body


During December 2017 God gave me a Word that 2018 is going to bring a divine reset. Little did I know that I was going to be rebooted, restarted and renewed from the womb!

The meaning of reset as found online:
  • to restore an object/value to a previous/initial state
  • to set the value/state a second time
We are in a season in which the Lord is graciously touching on areas in our soul which need healing and renewal to be divinely "re-set".  In order to carry His glory in fullness, there cannot be any loophole where the enemy has a landing strip to trip us up or to steal from us.

We need to come to the place where the enemy has nothing in us - no open door into our spirit, our emotions, mind, memory, will or even our bodies.

Having therefore these promises (of God's Presence), dearly beloved, 
let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit,
perfecting holiness in the fear of God
2 Corinthians 7:1

You might think, as I have done, that you have already received healing in every area of your life where you were wounded, but there are deeper levels that the Lord is graciously revealing in order to bring wholeness.

Sometimes we do not realize that we carry trauma through things that many people go through, like for instance giving birth, having been in an accident, divorce, death of loved ones, etc.  Then, what about wounds received in relationships? 

With me it started with a recurring type of dream which I have had over the years, which really stirred me to ask the Lord, "Why am I having these dreams over and over?"

You know, when you ask the Holy Spirit for help, He is always ready to respond.

I suddenly realized that this was an area that needed some deep inner healing. This set me on a course to pursue wholeness of spirit, soul and body in a brand new way! Hence the title of this blog, "tripartite wholeness".

In whichever way we receive a wound, our heart will carry that sound until we receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit to wash it away with the blood of Jesus. I have a passion to see God's people whole, walking in the fullness of His abundant life, overflowing with joy and peace!

Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper
and be in health
even as your soul prospers.
3 John 2 KJV

Did you notice what this verse says? When your soul prospers, you will prosper and you will also be in health?  Can it be that your financial struggle or your current physical problem could be the effect of a soul that doesn't prosper? The Word of God definitely affirms it!

It is reported that 90% of illness is due to stress.  When we have trauma in our lives which causes stress in our bodies, it also stresses the adrenal gland (fight/flight response).  In turn the adrenal gland secretes toxins into our body and it has a whole negative chain effect on your health.

I am on a mission to remove all toxins from my life - spirit, soul and body so that I can prosper in every area and the devil will not find any hole in my hedge to steal, kill and destroy. We are to live as Kingdom citizens "as in heaven, so on earth"!

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