Thursday, April 18, 2019


Lesson 53

Shalom is the Hebrew Word for peace, which denotes wholeness for spirit, soul and body.

When we abide in Christ, peace is our portion, because He is the Prince of peace, Jehovah Shalom. 

In this place we can hear God’s voice clearly, because our whole being is absorbed in Him, tuned to the frequency of His heart.

The key is to keep our mind under His reign, completely unified in Him, tuned to Oneness. 

When we worship Him in His Name, Johovah Shalom, His peace floods our souls and permeates our whole being.

In Shalom we will experience Kingdom emotions of thankfulness and joy resulting in new songs of the Spirit rising up to Him, causing us to come in a flow of illuminating revelation of the God-head, pulsating with life.

Our mortal bodies are quickened with the “energeo” of the Holy Spirit in rejuvenating vibrancy and the whole of our being is in harmony and soundness.

John 15/2 Cor.10:4-6/Is.11:2

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