Friday, July 26, 2019


Lesson 63 

When we give place to negative voices, pondering upon it and talking about it, we empower the enemy to steal our peace and joy. Our minds get stuck in the muddy waters of negative thinking, speaking exactly what we do not want.

Toxic emotions rise up that bring turmoil in our state of being and darkness creeps in, stealing our light and clouding our vision.

 What is the solution? 

Find a quiet spot and bring it all before the Lord. Then release everyone and every situation into the loving care of our heavenly Father by forgiveness and repentance (if needed).

When you start calling on the Name of Jesus, with the intensity of your love poured out to Him, the frequency of His name dispels all the static around you.  The anointing in His Name breaks the yoke of oppression on your mind and emotions and peace flows like a river through your whole being, tuning you into His wavelength. 

Getting God’s perspective by enlightened eyes of our understanding, we receive wisdom and revelation which changes our attitude, causing us to see through His eyes and then speaking His Word over people and situations.

 When looking through the lenses of love and revelation, we have an understanding heart, filled with the compassion of Jesus for the unlovable and wayward, knowing that it is only through God’s grace that we ourselves can stand.

 Now we walk in inward harmony, the perfect order of our being, the concert of every faculty and force in the fulfillment of the will of God. That is the perfect peace of God.

John 14:26
John 16:33

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