Friday, July 5, 2019


Lesson 62

Remember, light contains no darkness. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. We are children of the light and are to walk in the light of His countenance.

To have our mind in the clarity of a silent pond without ripples, spelling perfect peace, we need to identify and deal with the under currents of negative input that move around in the sub-conscious and deep unconscious parts of our soul.

In my understanding and awareness, we can carry unresolved issues in the deep “unconscious” memory without knowing it. These are often deep hurts or shame that we have “buried” because we do not want to deal with it. These wounds in the unconscious mind can cause blockages in our growth, mostly through fears that prevent us from moving forward in the liberty of the Spirit.  

Asking God to free us from all hindrances by bringing these issues to light, will give us the opportunity to deal with it by His grace, receiving freedom and healing so that we can move forward into our destiny.

The subconscious mind usually carries anxiety and stress about things that currently concern us, which also prevent us from living life to the full. These stresses are just below the surface, hidden away from the people around us, but yet our behavior patterns, tone of voice, pre-occupation and “absent”-mindedness are the tell-tale signs of their presence.  Sometimes they will surface when we open our mouths, revealing the subconscious “sounds” that we carry.

Things that brought turmoil and trauma in our lives need to be dealt with by repentance and forgiveness, asking the Lord to wash it out of our memories by His precious blood and also cleanse our emotions from trauma.

Having done so, we still have to daily deal with the things that we pick up along the way: Worries, fears and concerns show that we do not really trust God with the details of our lives.
As He puts the light on it, we can hand it over to Him to take care of, putting all our trust in the Lord.

Defilement in the form of bad reports, violent visuals (like something in the news media), an encounter with an offensive person or any situation where we have had a bad attitude, words, reactions, or such have to be dealt with in order to be saturated in light.

As we come before the Lord before going to sleep, asking the Holy Spirit to shine His light on anything that could have grieved Him during the day, the cleansing goes deep through repentance, forgiveness and cleansing by the precious blood of Jesus.

Adopt this as a daily practice to make sure that your soul (mind, will and emotions) stay clear and transparent in the light so that God can drop His thoughts into your spirit, filling our whole being with His light and glory.  

Now the sound that we carry will be abandoned praise, songs of joy and celebrations to our Lord and king!

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