Friday, August 16, 2019


Lesson 66

When traveling to and through different nations, it’s amazing to observe the variety in God’s creative genius – especially when moving through airports. It is an ongoing creative kaleidoscope of color, race, shape, size, sound and disposition – coming forth in such beautiful potential with endless possibility in the development of talents, gifts and skills into prophetic destiny.

What we do with what God has invested in us, is our choice and responsibility.

Getting in touch with His fore-ordained creative purpose for our lives to fulfill His original vision in the bigger design of His Kingdom destiny, is for us to search out.

His provision is perfect to the minutest detail – to be found in Christ in abundant, glorious, overflowing riches. How perfect are His ways, how wondrous His works!

My encouragement for you is to set your mind on things above, connecting with His original creative poem for your life in all its beautiful facets to fulfill His purposes and desires, engaging in your part in the Kingdom  – bringing Him all the glory that you were created for.

It is easy! Worship, tune, find your true colors in His intended expression in Christ and align with His creative workmanship in you, shedding all the excess. Let Him paint His picture in you and through you, allowing Him to shine through you in brilliant light to truly reflect Him – wherever He has chosen to place you in any moment!

His artistry is superb! His essence is Love! His purpose is God’s glory!

Take your place, be filled and SHINE with His royal colors!

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