Thursday, May 30, 2019


Lesson 58

While in worship I had a vision of different layers in the mind and emotions, going down even into cellular level.

The Lord was showing me that, as we come in contact with different people and situations during the day, we receive different impressions that “pile up” over our minds and emotions in layers of different intensities, causing stress levels to build up – even unto cellular level - until we feel overwhelmed with too much to cope with. We can cover up our stressful state with a façade, but sooner or later (when the pressure gets too much), the true colors of our mind and emotions will be exposed and we will reach breaking point.

This is totally unnecessary, as the wonderful provision of the Lord is to “unload” these things, processing it one by one in His Presence, as they come. In so doing, we avoid pile-ups and we are constantly being renewed in the spirit of our minds, so that we never need to be overwhelmed mentally or emotionally, or suffer the effects of stress on cellular levels.

The secret place is where we not only unload, releasing the things which affect us negatively, but also the place of strengthening in His Presence to be endowed with divine wisdom through the Word of the Lord, and empowered with the dunamis of the Spirit. This is our portion and our inheritance in Christ: the resurrection power of the Spirit - to apply into every situation, seeing strongholds shatter!

Of course, this is why there is such an assault on our quiet times with the Lord. If the enemy can steal our time with God, he also steals our peace and joy, for in the natural we simply do not have the ability or the strength to overcome his vicious assaults on our minds and emotions.

When we are burdened with the cares of this world, we cannot hear God’s voice, so we are literally operating in the wisdom and strength of man. This will not bring us anywhere.

Therefore, let us set our faces like flint, making it our goal to seek God’s face every day, sometimes several times a day, to live from His presence and in His power – not only for ourselves, but to bring His “now” word into every situation, shining the light of the Kingdom glory into every situation as a way of life, maintaining righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah!

Romans 12:1-2

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