Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Lesson 56

Most of our problems in life stem from the fact that we do not want to give up the old Adam-nature.

As long as we feel “in charge” of a situation, we feel that we are on the winning side, but the moment we feel that we lose control over something, all of the old nature rises up in a fight for life.

Ironically the Word of God says that if we want to keep our life, we shall lose it and only when we lose it for the sake of Christ, we shall save it. (Luke 9: 23-24). The life is in the soul and this is the area that we need to bring under subjection to the Spirit of the living God, letting Him be Lord in all situations, putting all our trust in Him to bring our situations in Kingdom order where righteousness, peace and joy reign!  

This brings all our wild emotions, fretful mind and obstinate will to a place of rest and peace and is a matter of total trust in the faithfulness of God.  

Do we really trust the Lord with all our issues? Or do we still want to have a handle on it, taking it into our own hands, trying to work it out with our own “cleverness”?

What an amazing freedom awaits the one who truly surrenders his life to the Lord! It frees you from the curse of self-power and brings the whole of heaven in action on your behalf!

And what an exchange! His glorious, triumphant life for our little self-efforts, which avail to nothing!

Bringing the soul in subjection to the Spirit, is the first step to union with God.

PRAYER: Dear heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name I ask that You give me the grace to hand over every issue in my life into Your mighty hand! As I am doing so now, surrendering my will, my emotions and my mind to You, let Your will be done in my difficult situations as it is in heaven and let Your name be glorified!
I receive your peace, Lord Jesus, resting in Your goodness and grace!  Hallelujah!

Jer.17:1-10/Matt.11:28-30/Phil.4:6/Luke 9:23-24/Rom.14:17/john 17.

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